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Ultimate Roleplay Rules (MUST READ)

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1Ultimate Roleplay Rules (MUST READ) Empty Ultimate Roleplay Rules (MUST READ) on Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:19 am


Official Rules
This page was created in reference for both admins and in players as sort of a "consitution" or guide.
Note: All punishments listed are as what is typically handed out. Administrators have to right punish the player based on the severity of the situation.​

Hacking / Exploiting / Illegal modifications
Any modifications or hacks that give you an unfair advantages over another player is not allowed.
Exploiting server or game bugs to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed.

Temp. Ban -> Account termination -> Permanent ban

[DM] Deathmatching
Attacking or killing a player without any valid reason in-character reason is considered to be deathmatching.
Killing someone repeatedly for the same IC reason is also prohibited.

Deathmatch Warning

[SK] Spawn Killing
You cannot immediately kill someone who has just spawned at the hospital or in their house.
You’re not allowed to attack the person unless they attack you first whilst near the spawn point.

25-30 minutes of prison

[RK] Revenge Kill
You are not allowed to take revenge by killing someone who had just killed you, even if you have an IC reason.
For more information, please also read:

30 minute rule
30-35 minutes prison

[30MR] 30 Minute Rule
Upon being killed and spawned in the hospital, your character will lose 30 minutes memory which you can no longer use to justify a PvP interaction.
If you are aware of a situation (e.g. robbed) and were not killed you must act on it within 30 minutes or you can no longer use it either.
Depending upon the situation (Minimum of 20 minutes)

[PG] Power Gaming
Unrealistic roleplay is not allowed. As such that you are not letting the other person respond to your actions or forcing roleplay in a way that cannot exist.
e.g. ** John frisks Max secretly.
Max is never given a chance to respond, realistically Max would have felt this and could have reacted.
25-30 minutes prison (time may vary depending upon the severity)

[AP] Ass-pulling
Ass-pulling is when you do not roleplay a weapon you have withdrew or unholstered.
All weapons need to be RPed when pulled out.
As long as you roleplay your primary weapon in a gunfight you are allowed to quickswap.
You do not have to roleplay a weapon twice.
20-25 minutes prison

[Non RP Beh] Un-realistic Behavior
Acting unrealisticly in a player interaction as such where a dangerous situation does not induce fear.
20-25 minutes prison (time may vary depending upon the severity)

[AVP] Avoiding Punishment
You may not:
(1) Create an alternate account to avoid administrative punishment
(2) Utilize any other techniques to evade punishment.
Locked Account + Temporary Ban

[LTA] Leaving to avoid
Leaving the server on purpose by either force crashing/disconnecting the client or engaging in actions to avoid a roleplay situation.
30-40 minutes prison

[MG] Metagaming
Mixing in-character information with out-of-character or vice versa.
You may not use the OOC chat channels to discuss IC situations.
2% fine (Level 6 or below) 5% + 10 minutes prison (Level 7 to Level 10) 10% + 15 minutes prison (Level 11 to Level 20) 15% + 20 minutes prison (Level 21+)

[DT] Actions detrimental to the Community
Actions that tend to cause harm to the community such as:
(1) Causing unrest within the community
(2) Server advertisement
Rangeban + Permanant Ban

[KoS] Kill on Sight
KoS is attempting to kill someone without any prior roleplay interaction or literally "on-sight".
Does not apply to gangs with bandana on (Read more on gang rules)
Deathmatch Warning

A: [CR] Car Ramming
B: Car Bombing
C: Car Parking
(A) Ramming someone unnecessarily or in an unrealistic manner for no apparent reason or justifiable cause.
This includes lag-ramming on purpose.
(B) Crashing your burning/caught on fire vehicle into a group of people in order to kill them for no apparent reason or justifiable cause.
(C) Parking a vehicle on top of a player in order to kill him without any RP and IC reason.
25-35 minutes prison

[CR] Chicken Running
Running or spirinting in a zig-zag fashion in attempt to dodge bullets.
20-25 minutes prison

[BH] Bunny hopping
Jumping several times whilst running to avoid bullets or to gain a faster velocity (speed).
20-25 minutes prison

[MF] Money farming
Extracting the spawn money from several accounts to one. As such to earn money from fresh accounts.
Range ban + Account termination

[NJ] Ninja jacking & [CJ] Car Jacking
Stealing a vehicle (any kind) without any roleplay interaction with the driver.
20-30 minutes of prison (time may vary depending on the level)

[OOC and IC] Scamming
OOC scamming is not allowed.
The scam limit for [IC] is 100k, scamming more than the limit is not allowed. Scamming is only allowed when both parties (scammer and victim) are Level 3+.
Scamming more than the limit: Refund of the money to the victim + 50% extra fine of the money scammed.
OOC Scamming: Refund of the money to the victim + 80%-100% extra fine of the money scammed.

[GZ] Greenzone rule
Withdrawing or shooting weapons in faction interiors is not allowed. These interiors include: PD Interior, City Hall, All Saints General Hospital, FBI Head Quarters and San News HQ. Other than that, all of Miner Job area is Greenzone.
30-40 minutes prison

Rob limit
Robbing limit is $5000 (5k). For robbing anything else, the limit is $20,000 when converted in cash.
Robbing is only allowed when both parties (robber and victim) are Level 3+.
25-30 minutes prison

[WE] Water evading
Evading in water from cops/LEOs is NOT allowed. Swimming to a boat and using it to evade is allowed. Swimming to another place is also acceptable. Suicide in water to avoid anything is NOT allowed.
20-30 minutes prison

[CB] Cop Baiting
Trying to break laws in front of cops with the intentions to make them chase you is NOT allowed.
25-35 minutes prison

NON-RP Finish
Finishing a wounded person while he/she is being helped by a Medic.
This rule ONLY applies in a Medic helping a Player situation.
20-30 minutes prison

Healing in Gun fight
Healing in an active gunfight where shooting is still taking place is not acceptable.
i.e; /usedrug, /firstaid, /vest e.t.c.
25-30 minutes prison

Plane Bombing
Flying an airplane into people, or on an active RP event/scene with the intention to kill or disturb the scene.
35-40 minutes prison


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